At some point in our lives, we all experience loss. Sadness and depression are natural reactions to losing someone or something dear to us, and with bereavement counseling, California residents can get immediate help for adapting to loss and recovering from the symptoms of grief.

Bereavement is characterized by grief, and it comes in many forms. Sadness is a common symptom, but the grief cycle also includes anger, guilt, regret, loneliness, and other negative emotions that can vary in strength or mildness.

Bereavement affects everyone differently. Some of the deepest forms of grief emerge when we lose a loved one. Other common triggers of grief include:

  •  Loss of a job
  • Loss of a pet
  • End of a relationship (including friendships)
  • Changes to health
  • Loss of financial security
  • Changes to your way of life (e.g retirement, relocation)

Grief Recovery Counseling

Grief recovery counseling is instrumental to the bereavement process. You can alleviate the negative symptoms of grief quicker with the help of a grief recovery specialist who will guide you and help you to come to terms with your loss.

All forms of grief are natural and valid, no matter the cause. If you are struggling to cope with your grief, then getting the right support is the best way to help you regain control of your emotions and start enjoying the good things in life again.

California Grief Resources

California grief resources are there to help you cope and support you through the spectrum of emotions that emerge with bereavement. You are not alone. With care and compassion, we help you with the details:

  • Getting back to daily activities
  • Alleviating depression and sadness
  • Managing existing relationships
  • Treating associated trauma
  • Accessing a support network
  • Accepting your new reality

Grief Recovery Specialist

As a registered nurse, I have face grief and loss often, sometimes daily. I have experienced the pain of grief and loss in my own life. As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, I provide professional grief counseling services when you want to be supported, following the death of a loved one.

I take the time to get to know you, allowing you the space to talk about your feelings when you are ready. Together, we create a workable plan to get your life back.

Grief may mean the end of a way of life that you once knew, but it is also an opportunity to find a new inner strength whilst honoring those who you have lost. Through bereavement counseling, California residents can move forward stronger than ever. Recovering from grief is not about forgetting, it is about accepting your loss and rediscovering your joy.

Let’s talk…

If you are experiencing the symptoms of grief and would like to explore ways to get past the pain and reclaim your life, I invite you to book a free discovery session with me: Book with Karen

Karen Rolls, Registered Nurse, Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist