It was Mother’s Day when I received that fateful call that told me of my brother’s passing after a massive heart attack. He was only 48 years old and had a wife and 3 young sons. I was incredulous. This can’t be true! The loss of my mother and father were expected, leading me to many months of grief recovery, but the premature loss of my brother was traumatic…

According to the experts at Psychology Today, traumatic grief is defined as an abrupt, unexpected loss. As a society, we are stunned, shocked and saddened by acts of violence, mass deaths, and natural and human-made disasters.

Recovery from such terrible events is hard for some to imagine. However, throughout human existence, peoples and civilizations have undergone terrible horrors, pain and suffering. What we have discovered is that the human spirit is amazingly resilient and recovery is possible.

Grief recovery is a process that happens over time. The first step to coping with traumatic grief whether it has happened to us personally or as a witness to global incidents is talking about it.

~ Karen Rolls

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Karen Rolls, Registered Nurse, Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist