During this time with the Covid virus and political unrest, so many of us have experienced unimaginable change and loss. Some of us being forced into isolation, others losing loved ones, jobs, freedom, and financial wellbeing. There is an opportunity for fear and anger to rule our emotions as we continue to deal with uncertainty. There is the possibility that we can spiral down into the depths of despair, feeling like this scenario has no end.

It is now that we need to know that some things are beyond our control, but other things are not! While we should never turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, we can look within to find peace. We have the capacity to take this time to change ourselves and how we perceive these losses. We have the ability to reach out for help as difficult as it can sometimes be. If we can’t find help in one source, we can continue to ask for help from another until we are safe.

If we have the means to help our loved ones and neighbors, then the responsibility is ours to do so. Kindness and compassion are gifts that have no price but have unmeasurable value. But before we can offer gifts to others, we must offer kindness and compassion to ourselves. Acknowledge our sadness and loss, holding our own hearts and feelings, as would a parent comforting a child. Shining love upon ourselves can be healing.

If you are angry, then be your best friend and hear the rage. Wrap your arms around yourself and acknowledge the pain. Cry, scream or laugh with yourself and when the wave has passed, replace the pain with love for yourself for being human. No emotion is wrong if it is felt but can be processed with love and understanding instead. No shame or judgment is necessary because we know that these emotions are planted inside us as humans. They are normal.

We can continue to ruminate in the past or anticipate the future, but the time that is most important is the present. To reach deep inside to find reasons to be grateful. Nature and meditation can calm the soul. Stepping outside ourselves and helping others can bring purpose to our existence. Even joy in a time of trouble. We are responsible for how we spend our time or how we choose our thoughts and actions.

I am proposing that instead of choosing to focus our energy on hate, that we put that precious energy into finding ways to love. For when we love, we replace fear with faith that we will make it through this difficult time and come out on the other side with peace.